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Bread Pitt Token 🥖

What is Bread Pitt Token?

Contract : 0xaff5b13feaa353ab278c1659500b416b2a4286a8


We are a new BSC community providing funny content on social networks, inspired by our incredible name 'Bread Pitt Token'. 🥖

Our ultimate goal is to have the same net worth as Brad Pitt : $300M Market cap. It would be hilarious right?


Our total supply is 100 000 $BPT, there are no fees on transactions & LP is locked for 100 years.


How far can this joke go? ;)


How to buy Bread Pitt Token? 🥖

1) Download Metamask or Trust Wallet app.


2) Go to PancakeSwap V2. Click here.


3) Buy a slice of Bread Pitt. 🥖


4) Hold until we have the same Worth as Brad!



Best Bread Pitt best memes

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